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A look back + plus integration

My short term goal is to weigh 168lbs. I pick that number b/c it is the lowest weight I was while using regularly. I’m hoping I get to that point before next tuesday, that’s when I start incorporating weight training into my plan.

I found something interesting yesterday with John – pictures from 2004-08-11 (right after my birthday) until the end of september of that year. I might show one or two on here, but it reminded me of a program I wrote to track stuff BEFORE Here is the link

It’s generated from textfiles with lines like “w:170.4″.

Going back further, there are posts from me on John Stone’s Fitness Forum dating from 2004-04-01, in other words, exactly 2 years from tomorrow.

Think about that, two years, on and off, of going for fitness, and giving up.
This is just more motivation that I’m going to knock it out of the park this time (forgive the sports metaphor).

One last thing. I’ve been tweaking the layout (lemme know your thoughts), and I’ve added some stats. I had to write a VERY simple API on to make it happen, but it was fun.
Please, let me know what you think.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Erik.
I have decided to attempt something, not for the first time (for me, or the world). I’m going to have a visible six-pack (abdominal muscles) by the end of the summer.

How can someone with little self-control and a track record of getting bored conqure a task like this? $1,000 – that’s how. If I don’t compelete my goals, I will have to pay out a total of a thousand dollars to my friends. I don’t like that prospect, so I’m working my butt off.

Here is the breakdown of what I’m doing to achive this:
* Eating well – 5 meals a day, lots of lean protein.
* Slow, low cardio – 45 minutes @ 65-75% MHR
* Lifting weights starting next week.

Please, comment on my blog – Friends – you especially. If you don’t comment, you don’t care. If you don’t care, you don’t get paid if I fail!