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Not much going on :)

my knees hurt from running yesterday. I’m doing alright with eating so far this weekend. Went out last night and watched someone eat a pulled pork sandwitch and nicely fried fries.

AnotherI weekend…

90 minutes of cardio today:
60 mins on the elliptical and 30 on the treadmill.
I think I finally “get” running. If I keep my heart rate steady on the treadmill, I can go much longer. I guess that makes a lot of sense, but I never thought of it in that way before. My HR was steadly rising while I was running at 4mph, but it didn’t get high enough to stop me for 30 mins!

In any event, the cardio today really got a lot of water out of me, and I forgot my water in the car, so I am 165.6 lbs today. I’m sure my “real” weight is somewhere around 167, and I haven’t lifted in about two weeks, so I’m sure I’m catabolic. It’s so hard to NOT be interested in the scale moving downwards :/.

Let’s just hope I can get food in order today.

Why I’m going to win the side bet I have going.

I have a side bet with my friend at work Ryan. The bet is: who can get visible abs first.
He has a CLEAR advantage. He weighs less, is taller, and leaner. I’m going to win anyway:
* He doesn’t know, and doesn’t WANT to know what it takes to lose fat while keeping muscle
* He eats garbage, or eats nothing and does sit-ups.
* He believes in “spot reduction”

This picture was taking this morning (flexed), then photoshoped. I applied the Unsharp Mask at 100%.

I’m really excited!

For anyone who is still confused. Spot reduction (losing fat in one part of your body) is a myth. The body stores “adipose” tissue (fat) in a pattern that is governed by age, hormones and genetics. Fat is a genetic adaptation that helped our cave-dewelling anceisters survive lean times. The body holds on to fat as long as it can, because it is a very efficent energy store. The goal of working out to get lean is to keep your body from using muscle as its primary energy source (the body likes to eat the muscle during lean times) and have it burn fat instead. The best way to do this is two pronged:
1. fool the body into thinking that you are NOT in a “lean time” (starvation), but you ARE getting less calories then your body needs
2. get your body to use Fat is its primary energy source as much as you can. This is where cardio comes in at slower rates.

There are a ton of arguments on types and effectiveness of cardio, but the bottom line is, without getting those two preconditions to happen, your body will eat its muscle, and maybe even store some extra fat for ya.

Good luck Ryan.

If Ryan discovers the proper way to lose fat, in enough time to beat me, that’s cool too, one more person who will know the truth on fat loss, and a lot more motivation for me to get my six pack!

It’s like I never left.

I’m almost exactly back to where I was before my mini-vacation.
I’m back to 168, down to 36.333 on my waist, all good things.
I banged out an hour on the funny runner.

I’ve never had anything against salt. My blood pressure has always been outstanding, and it really is the backbone of cooking. But while I’m cutting, it really throws things off. What a shame.

Late post!

I totally spaced today. I had a whole long post written in my head, and it got away from me.

I’m back today :) 60 min of cardio, 171.4 and definatly some of that is water weight. I’m not falling behind on meals today and things are moving along swimingly.

I have a new short-term goal – go the next 7 days without missing a workout or a meal.

Not sleeping.

Yesterday (See the post), was pretty bad. I didn’t eat well, didn’t get to the gym and ended up feeling pretty lousy.
What is really bugging me however, is my lack of sleep. I toss and turn all night, and really feel muted all day.
I didn’t get to the gym, or get to take a picture, as I was up and on the road at 5:30, and didn’t stop driving until 8:20 :/

I did bring the right kind of foods to work today, so I’m straight on that path!

What a difference a day makes…

When I posted yesterday, things were good. That didn’t last.
I feel like I’m walking a very thin line with the stuff I’m doing, and by messing up just a little bit, on a few variables, really throws me off. I didn’t eat yesterday until dinner at my mom’s. That made me cranky. Then I got home and passed out (late for me also). So then I didn’t have enough energy to get to the gym this morning. And I didn’t cook the chicken (which I’m totally sick of!). So I’m kind of in a tough spot today.


Weekend, still ok.

For those that don’t follow every day, I generally have the biggest problems on the weekends. Not great eating, not eating enough, etc etc. I think I’ve gotten it worked out (at least for THIS weekend). Went to the gym both days, ate chicken every meal, spaced things out well. And aside from the slight garbage I ate last night, I’m doing great.

John – I’ll be posting a picture tuesday – after I visit the airport ;)

Weekend off to a good start

I got to the gym much earlier then other weekends. It is TOUGH parking and finding an open machine at 9:30a on a saturday!

I haven’t lifted for a few days now, and am finding it hard to get back on track with that.

I don’t know how much is mental, but I really feel like I’m dropping fat more quickly now. It’s possible that the current “layer” of fat that is coming off is more noticable to me then others. For those that don’t know, fat is what computer people call “FIFO” First In, Last Out. Meaning that if I put fat on my gut first, then my face, then chest, it will leave my chest first, then face then finally the gut.

Carb day was a success!

I didn’t overdo it (I did eating all the bread though). Today, my battery is recharged. I went to the gym and rocked out to the “Devon Townsend Band”, not my normal taste in music, but it’s very interesting stuff.

I’m back on the chicken, protein, apples and carrots today, and enjoying it a lot.

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