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Sodium depletion day 1

Well, I’m going to follow “David’s tips”:
Today I had:
4 chicken breasts (grilled on the foreman)
almost a gallon of water
a little bit of dark chocolate
1 dried pineapple ring

I also went tanning. Here is just before I went in to tan.
! (Sodium 1 Pret Tan)!

Thanks everyone – let’s see how close I’ll get.

P.S. I’m not into the potassium tablets, I don’t really know how safe they are… should I eat a banana instead, or just skip it?

Analysis paralysis

This is one of the major things I wanted to avoid by having a set goal, but I am totally frozen! With the date fast-approaching, I don’t know what to do. Give up? Work harder? Ignore everything? I’m totally lost.

I took class last night, and I was able to almost keep up on pushups. I am *destroyed* today though. I really need about 5 more hours of sleep.

Please, tips, advice, anything!

An awesome weekend.

Despite comments to the contrary, I haven’t given up.
I had an awesome weekend in chicago! I learned tons about Ruby on Rails and I can’t wait to start my next project.
On the sixpack front, I brought my workout shoes and pants, but didn’t have anytime to work out (nor did I have any time to really talk to anyone on the phone). I’m right back in it though, I did sit-ups and pushups today and tomorrow It’s gym time!

I’m going to start going over old comments in the next week to figure out who will get how much – I’ll be paypaling you in a few weeks.


I’m leaving for “RailsConf”: in a few hours. I’ll be gone until sunday night (10:30pm).
Everyone is telling me not to stress out about traveling – everything is taken care of. I’ll still freaking out. I’m not packed at all, I haven’t figured out food, I’m still not sure how I’m getting to the airport today.

I am bringing workout clothes!

Couldn’t get out of bed!

I was up late working on Tag My again and it took it’s toll. I could not drag myself out of bed this morning, and now I’m all… sleepy.

I’m going to class tonight, and when I tell my sister I missed the gym, she’ll help me make up for it :)

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Update: I didn’t get to class tonight. I forgot that Amy and I haven’t worked out Lucky’s schedule for when I’m going to class :(
I’m heading to rails conf tomorrow, I’ll post details in the morning.

back to chicken

I made chicken this morning. I’m not 100% sure I’ll eat it – but it’s here, so it’s the “easy” option today.

Cardio, pushups all kinds of good stuff this morning, now it’s off to work – there is SO much to get done before I leave thursday.

Picture update and Sick of Chicken!

I’m totally sick of chicken. Can’t stand it at all anymore. I’m really hesatant to change up everything right now – but I can’t stomach the thought of more chicken!
In the plus column – without being strict with my diet lately, I’m still holding steady and am down a little bit – as you can see in my NEW PICTURE.
Sorry it took so long – I was a little out of it for a while :)

Comment on my picture, I’m looking for a little external motivation today.

A few other things:
1) I got a new cameraphone (LGVX9800 – “The V”), so the quality of the photo isn’t great – I need to learn how to use it a little better
2) My railsday project is here:
3) I ran for 40 minutes non-stop today. It was only 4.3mph, but it was non-stop ;) I’d like to add 5 minutes a week up to an hour-long run. After I get to that point, I’ll start speeding it up.

Rails Day

Yesterday I participated in Rails Day. It was an awesome experience, but one that kept my mind off of fitness and eating right. I’m taking a picture later today (with my NEW phone!) and I’ll post it in the morning. I’m gonna try and get some extra sessions of cardio in – I’m leaving for Rails Conf on thursday.

What can I do, today, to achive my goals?

I’m coming back around. I think the dark time is almost passed :)

I was able to ask myself this morning – “What can I do today”. It worked. I got to the gym, got to Kings to buy some chicken and fruit, and I’m pumped.

I think my goal for this site was a bit misguided. “A six-pack” is concrete, but also not “measureable”. I’m all about measureable, trackable goals that can be broken down into descrete steps.

Tomorrow is “Rails Day”, and my project will have something to do with this site, fitness, goal-setting and all kinds of good stuff. Look for it :)
I’ll be live-blogging the event at my site:

And if anyone is interested in origami, I just launched a new site: “Fold A Star”

Stat update

I’ve updated some of my stats. I took a picture yesterday, but not sure if I want to put it up :) I might want to wait until the sunburn is gone.

I’m still making progress, despite my awful attitutude lately. I think I’m just too busy in general. I have like 10 projects that I want to finish. I’m just going to focus on one at a time.

Saturday is Rails Day. My project is going to be something that I think the readers of this site will be interested in.
I’ll be live-blogging the development over at my main blog –

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