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Weighty matters

So today’s exercise was swimming. We went to the pool for the complex and had an awesome time. I didn’t do laps (well I did a few), but I was moving non-stop for over an hour.

I’m pretty exhausted today.

I also did some pushups and stuff, but I’m really feeling… off.
My weight continues to climb up. I think I might be conditioned to frequent meals now, but I must be eating more calories. I’m thinking about calorie tracking. I’m going to go order a voice recorder now for that and pushup/situp logging.

Now on to the news. I’m *strongly* considering the Ultimate Black Belt Test. This is the last one (team 4) they’re making a movie about it and I think I’d like to push myself harder then I ever have, for longer then I ever have. It’s a year-long program, and here are a few of the requirements:
* 52,000 pushups
* 52,000 situps
* 1,000 repetitions of my form (Ul-ji)
* 1,000 rounds of free-sparing (fake-fighting)

There are a bunch more, but it’s dizzying to consider ;)

EOD For friday

Taking a page from a friend’s book, I’m gonna EOD(End of Day) it today.
* Gatorade Rain (purple) x 2
* Chicken rice and bean dish from the local good food place
* Coke (the first one in a while)
* Ziti dinner

I did 45 mins on the elliptical today. I was planing on going to Kings after the gym to get chicken and fruit, but I had to take care of something else.

Still VERY sore from TaeKwonDo class on wednesday.
Weekend – here I come!

The pain period

Well, it’s thursday morning — you know what that means (hopefully!). I went to taekwondo last night.

I have NO idea what we did that was so tough, but I am destroyed today. I got home at 11 (an hour or two earlier then normal – we didn’t go out to eat afterwards). I played with the dog and did a few computer things and got to sleep around midnight (my normal bedtime – maybe a bit early). The alarm came and I couldn’t really move my legs!
Growing hurts.

My weight is going up – but I think it might have something to do with the tuna sub I ate after class :/. I’m going to get chicken and rice today from the only healthy delivery around.

Weight: 167
waist: 35.1

Not what I expected

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m in a pretty bad mood right now!
From prior experience, everything I did yesterday should make today a much better thing.

No cardio today – going to class tonight as long as everything stays up tonight

weight: 166.6
waist: 35

I’m an idiot.

*note*: I have not read Virid’s latest comment – it came in while I was writing this.

I did a lot of thinking last night and this morning, some of it thanks to the gentle (and not-so-gentle) prodding of friends. I’ve come to a conclusion — I’m an idiot.
I made SO much progress, and I’ve just been totally lame the past few weeks.

I woke up this morning and went to the gym and did 60 minutes of cardio. It sucked. But I made a choice. I’m doing what I can.

My ambivalence towards my project was due to a few factors (these are not excuses.):
* Life changes (schedule, priorities, etc)
* The requirements set out by the Bev5
* Not reaching my first goal.
* Hating chicken

Each one of those points could be an entire post, so let’s just say there is more then may meet the eye there.

Well… I got stuck in a rut, and I’m digging my way out (wait, mixed metaphors!).

I can’t say that I’m gonna do it all right – but so what? I’m gonna do what I can, when I can.

Now, where’d I put that chicken?

Cardio: 60 mins elliptical
Pushups: 30 (so far)
Waist: 35″ (Slllliiiiipppppiiiinnnggg)
Weight: 165.4 lbs

Still going

I skated for 30 minutes this morning, did 30 pushups and am heading to TaeKwonDo tonight.
I’m not giving up on the goal of getting in shape. I’m still working through a few things, but I can feel myself getting excited about this project again.
Today is wednesday – the start of a new “week” in this program. This post doesn’t have weight and waist, but I might make another post tonight.

I’m still not “there” mentally with the new way of things around here – that’s something that I need to get to.

I am also totally blown away by the comments lately. All kinds of people telling me not to give up – it’s really inspiring!


First thing – this is not a “valid” entry according to the rules. I know that.

I went skating yesterday morning for 40 minutes. It was my first time out on skates in about 2 years, and the first “real” skate in about 8.
It felt pretty good. I was tired and sweaty (the humidity was over 80%), but I wasn’t bored, I didn’t try to focus on other things – I just skated.

I think I’m going to add in skating on a regular basis, it’s a great cardio workout, and a lot of fun.

I’m not giving up on my goals, but I am very unsure about the future of the “project” as an entity. I’m not saying anything directly – just letting everyone
know where my head might be at.

Thanks everyone who has stuck by my crazyness.

Every day is a choice

weight: 165 lbs
waist: 34.75″
cardio: 45 minutes
pushups: 50

! (Ryan Reynolds gut)!
! (Throeaux gut)!
! (Pitt gut)!
! (My Gut – 7/14/06)!

I can’t find my motivation anymore.

I’m having a crisis of motivation.

I’ve come so far, and for so long my one true goal was a six-pack. I don’t know why, but I can’t find that fire anymore. Maybe I just got burnt out? Maybe I have lost focus because work is so consuming right now? Maybe the new goals are overwhelming to me (not the goals themselves, but HAVING them.)
I am very satisifed at work right now. It’s challenging and rewarding. But I hate feeling out of shape. It’s only been a few weeks, but I already feel like garbage.

I was told to never complain without a solution, so here’s one:
Maybe I should forfeit the money (or half of it, or whatever) and try to find a middle ground.

I’m just looking to start a conversation about this.

weight: 165
waist: 34.5

Making time for myself (or not)

I’m pretty upset with myself right now. I stayed up until 3am working on a project – “Rocket Vote”: . I wasn’t able to get to the gym when I woke up because we were having server issues (the extra bad kind). Then the day totally slipped away while trying to scale our runaway success – “Tag My”: . We’re still not out of the woods with tag my, but we’re getting closer.

I am going to throw down some pushups tonight. Something is better then nothing.


! (2006 07 05)!

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