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All or nothing

This blog and challenge was started for many reasons, but the big two were:
# Personal improvement
# Setting a goal and reaching it – even when it’s outside my comfort zone

Without a doubt, I’ve achieved #1, but 2 is still “out there”. What I’m realizing is this – I’m pretty black & white when it comes to some things. When I was doing this everyday, I was “doing it”. But now that I’ve slipped, I’m “not doing it”. I think that is an awful way to view it. Even if I don’t do everything I need to do each day – doing something is worse then doing nothing.
Astute readers will notice that I’ve echoed this sentiment in the past – it takes me a while to learn things sometimes!

So I’m just gonna do what I can do each day and log it – no matter how bad. I know for my own sanity that I can’t focus on the 8.5%, or even if I hit all my goals for the day – not yet. I just need to wake up and do what I can do for that day and that day only.

I know that some of you are rightfully disappointed in me and how I’ve dropped the ball. If you want out, feel free – no hard feelings. But if you want to help me get to the next level in my life – I need feed back… a lot of it. Phone calls, emails, etc. The most important thing for me is to do SOMETHING each and every day. Push myself, make the right choices (food and drink, getting out of bed, etc).

I’m buying a voice recorder today, and swearing off sweet drinks. I did pushups and sit-ups and I’m going to write a script to trigger them throughout the day (3pm, MORE PUSHUPS, etc).

I also need some outside perspective on what I’m talking about here. Am I saying I can’t be black and white – then being black and white?