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  1. Rick Kim on April 15th, 2007

    You have a LOOOOT of ground to cover if you want a chance at having anything close to a 6-pack by July.
    Here’s some additional suggestions you should try for at least a month.
    (1) JOG 1 MILE A DAY & WALK 2-4 MILES (your workout should take about 45min-1 hour). the reason being, your body does not start burning fat until you’ve finished at least 20 minutes of cardio workout. That is because you need to deplete your body of your carb resevoirs before it turns into your fat reserves.
    (2) EAT SMALL MEALS A DAY. You can’t lose fat unless you eat. does that make sense? If you starve yourself, your body will go on starvation mode, and everything you else, will go directly to your love handles.
    (3) TRY THE SUBWAY DIET. I know it sounds cliche (especially with Jared and the media and all), but the subway diet indeed does work. I know… it worked for me last year. think about this. go to and make your choice for lunch and dinner. Im serious… try going for the 6-in subs with 300Cal or less. No mayo.. no oil and vinegar. opt for wheat bread
    (4) EAT BREAKFAST. That is the most important meal of the day. eat whole grain cereal with fat free milk and 2 boiled eggs.
    (5) SNACK IN! yes… eat fruits in between lunch and breakfast, and fruits again in between lunch and dinner.
    (6) NO EATING PAST 8PM. late night snacks are the worst. anythign you eat late night will go directly to your love handles.

    If you follow this diet plan, you’ll be looking into a 1300 Cal/day diet. That coupled with 3 miles of exercise will cancel out about 300 from your diet.. so really you’ll be looking at a 1000 Cal/day diet. your body will not go into starvation mode because you’ll eat often (every 3-4 hours). do it for a month or so, and you’ll lose between 5-8 pounds. if ur really discpline with this regimen… maybe you can lose even 10 pounds a month (nevermind water weight)!

  2. Martha Rice on July 31st, 2007

    I give you credit for the effort. Starting is the hardest and you’ve done that. Good luck. You can do it.

  3. nick on August 24th, 2007

    i think you dont have alot to worry about if you look at people ur r clased as slim no need to lose wieght

  4. Bronwyn on November 18th, 2007

    You need to eat your vegetables! Do you realise that to maintain basic good health you need at least two fruits & 5 (different) vegetable servings every day?

    If you want to build muscle, you need to eat protein, eg eggs, milk, nuts, meat, fish.

  5. love handles on February 7th, 2008

    That’s really a good diet control, however you can also add on to drinking atleast 8 glasses of water everyday.


  6. Leslie on June 7th, 2008

    How much beer do you drink?

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