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Maximizing and Satisficing. Inaction and Inertia.

Get over myself

I always feel like everything has to be perfect before I can make the first move. I also feel like I always know what’s best for me. Instead of doing that, I need to be able to listen to other people, use systems that work, take advice.

This is the thing I’m struggling with right now.

Satisficing is finding a good-enough solution and sticking with it. Unfortunately for me, I have a hard time with that. From diet to exercise, coding to knitting, I always think the “right” way is just around the corner. I know this is false, but yet it nags at me. I also know, beyond any doubt, that any action is better than inaction (in these types of pursuits), and yet….

So today, I did something. I ate mostly veggies, and finished the night off with pizza. Far from perfect, but miles away from giving up.

The other advantage to just doing something is inertia. Once the ball is rolling it’s much easier to keep it going. After a while, it’s harder to slow it down then continue. So let’s get a streak going!

2008-10-03 end of week wrap-up

It’s been a few days and I’m being prodded (thankfully) to update this site.

I’m starting slowly, becoming aware of what I’m eating and how much I’m moving, and trying to ease into this (as opposed to every other time I’ve gone full throttle). My initial push is to log all my foods, and Chad has suggested using, so here is my diary from there:

I do have the urge to go as hard as I can for 12 weeks to see where I can end up (like body for life and other 12 week programs, it’s a great time-length for making changes – but do they “stick”?).